Pressure Welding & Stainless-Steel Specialists

Handling Pressure With Confidence

As a specialised welding company with a strong foundation in stainless-steel piping and high pressure piping systems, we guarantee the highest quality results that meet standard every time.

An unwavering commitment to safety powers our work, protecting employees and your investment.

Why Work With Us

As a local company with a global outlook, we guarantee:

The highest quality results that meet and exceed standard every time.

State-of-art equipment and highly skilled personnel for your job.

Personalised service that listens to your needs and finds the right solution.

Efficient project management skills and dedication to seeing a job through.

The required skill, experience and resources to handle any job, no matter how big.

Complete safety for all, protecting personnel, the site, and your investment.

Metal Fabrication

Our visionary metal fabrication services have seen us produce some of the hardest-working steel structures in the country. From tanks to pressure vessel condensers, pipework to screw conveyors, if you

Pressure welding

Clients choose us because we employ the very best pressure welders in Australia. Our experienced boilermakers and pressure welders are highly sought after the world over for their skill, versatility

Project management

Skip the hassle and get the job done on time, within budget and to the highest standard. We have 25+ years industry experience and know how to allocate resources efficiently

Research & Development

Renewable energy and protecting the environment opens up exciting opportunities for intelligent engineering solutions. We’re excited to be at the forefront of this industry, collaborating on some of the world’s

Turnkey Operations

You set the targets and predetermined specifications. We’ll deliver quality from start to finish. This includes design, engineering, documentation, purchasing, material traceability, fabrication, installation, inspection, testing and quality control. We

We have 25+ years experience delivering precision work to diverse clients around the world.